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Fidelity Realtors and Services Company (DBA: Fuda Realty) is a highly effective real estate service company, including real estate brokerage and rental property care teams. We specialize in property brokerage, rental property care, and leasing management programs for residential and commercial properties throughout Texas. Our company incorporated in Houston in 2005 and is licensed to operate throughout Texas. Our teams make the complicated process of buying, selling, or rental care, and managing properties a seamless process. Our dedicated customer care teams ensure our client’s requirements will be surpassed. We serve a wide variety of clients from individual unit owners to large corporate Investors, both domestic and abroad.

Our goal is to ensure the customer satisfaction (buyer, seller, and landlord) through thoughtful planning, and dedicate work.

Our mission is to care our client’s requirements in every detail and to meet him any place, and any time.

Our care team is ready to match our client’s schedules, available seven days a week, to work with dedicated professionalism, and to be equipped with the most up-to-date real estate knowledge and team support.